Lost Girl by Adam Nevill

Lost Girl - Adam Nevill


There's a lot going on in this book!


Set around 2050 on an earth that is now a nightmarish worldscape of drought, fires, floods, war and rampant disease, a father searches for his abducted daughter. A father is all I can call the man, because he's never given a name. I've thought on why that was and I haven't yet come up with a suitable answer. Perhaps that's to foster a certain distance from him in the reader? Because distance, or perhaps more accurately, disconnection, seems to be a theme here.


A disconnect from each other, (Am I my brother's keeper?), from the entire human population,(an overpopulation, as is often pointed out in the story), and from the earth overall; even a disconnect from our food and water supplies. We often aren't thinking about what humanity's effect on the earth will be, we just fill up our tanks, grill up our steaks and turn our water faucets on and have a drink.


The other main theme here is a bit of a trope: a man searching for his abducted daughter. In this respect, I don't feel any new ground was broken, although I was surprised at the final outcome.


For me, this book's world building was where the real story lived. I respect an imagination that can take current events and ramp them up realistically into large scale, worldwide tragedies. Sadly, at times I think this could be close to what actually happens, maybe what's already happening? For this reason, I think this thriller is a solid 4 star read.


Recommended for fans of thrillers and the "Taken" movies, but also for fans of imaginative world building that doesn't quite fit into the fantasy or sci-fi category.


*Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. This is it.* You can buy this book: HERE.