My Favorite Audiobook Performances of 2015


 I've listened to more audio books this year than ever before. They've really grown on me and have allowed me to read more books than I otherwise would have. I've come across a few stinkers sure, but overall, audios have been a great experience for me and I thought they deserved their own "Best Of " list this year, so here it is!


NOS4A2, by Joe Hill,  narrated by Kate Mulgrew: When I originally read this book I gave it 4 stars. I loved it, but I wanted to know more about Christmasland and the ending seemed abrupt to me, so 4 /5 it was. Then, this year I listened to the book narrated by Kate Mulgrew. Her performance actually added a star to my rating. Her voicing of the evil Charlie Manx and the horrible Mr. Bing was KILLER and I believe that I'll be revisiting this audio in the future. 



Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, narrated by a full cast featuring: Kate Mulgrew and Haley Joel Osmont. First off, it was freaking AWESOME that this audio book was offered for free for over a month. Secondly, it was a  freaking AWESOME performance! I had my doubts about how an audiobook from a series of graphic novels was going to work, but work it did. 



Paradise Sky by Joe Lansdale, narrated by Brad Sanders: Being a western about a black sharpshooter, this is way out of my normal comfort range. However, I trusted Mr. Lansdale and he didn't steer me wrong. The narration here was absolutely superb. I would readily listen to anything else Mr. Sanders wanted to read to me. 



Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, narrated by Julia Whelan and Kirby Heyborne: I loved the back and forth of the narration and I thought the story rocked. 


Mr. Rickey Calls A Meeting (An original recording), written by Ed Schmidt and narrated by  Ed Asner and others: Baseball, boxing and race issues in America in 1947. I learned a lot from this audio and I thought the cast was beyond excellent. 



Neverwhere written and performed by Neil Gaiman: A London above and a London below. I loved this book when I first read it, but a whole 'nother level of enjoyment resulted from listening to the author himself tell the story. 



I'm hoping that 2016 will be just as great as far as audiobooks go!