The Lost Film by Stephen Bacon and Mark West

The Lost Film - Mark West, Stephen Bacon


Two novellas are collected in this volume: Lantern Rock by Stephen Bacon and The Lost Film by Mark West. The two stories are loosely connected by lost films, and in both cases, it probably would have been better that the films were never found.


Lantern Rock by Stephen Bacon was a cool story, chock full of atmosphere. It reminded me somewhat of the stories of M.R. James and James is even mentioned in this novella. I'm not going to get into the plot here, I rarely do, but I will say that despite starting off in a rather mundane way, this tale ramped up to full scale scares, reminding me of this:

I enjoyed this story a lot and it was my favorite of the two.




The Lost Film by Mark West was also a neat story featuring a private eye searching for a reclusive filmmaker. Despite numerous warnings to back off, Gabriel Bird, P.I. continues on his search. Sometimes, when something is lost, it's best that it stay lost. "I discovered the power of God and realized that I didn't like it." This is a quote from the book that struck me and brought home the whole "Be careful what you wish for" theme. I found the ending to this novella to be a bit abrupt, but after mulling it over for a moment, I thought it perfect.


I enjoyed these two novellas and I liked the idea of linking them together through film. With the first being reminiscent of an M. R. James story and the second reminding me a little of Robert Chambers' The King in Yellow, one could do much worse than spending a weekend reading these creepy tales.


Recommended for fans of M.R. James and Robert Chambers!


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