M Train by Patti Smith, Narrated by Patti Smith

M Train - Deutschland Random House Audio, Patti Smith, Patti Smith

Patti Smith wrote a book about nothing and I am less than enchanted.


I admit to knowing hardly anything about Patti Smith. She has always been a fascinating figure to me, so when I saw this audio book available at my local library, I put a hold on it, because I wanted to learn more about her and her life. Unfortunately, I didn't learn as much as I thought.


I discovered her love for her husband, Fred, and that she lost him while he was still relatively young. I learned that she has two children. I also learned that she is incredibly well read and has traveled all over the world. She loves coffee, cafes and the ocean. There, everything I learned is right here in these few sentences-but I wanted MORE.


This was well written and I did enjoy Patti reading it to me herself. However, I'm disappointed that I didn't learn more about her musical career, her writing or much of anything else. For this reason, I rated this audio 3 stars. I will most likely try something else, probably Just Kids, and see what I can learn from that.


Recommended for readers that already know and like Patti Smith. Not so much for people that do not.