Prince of Nightmares by John McNee

Prince of Nightmares - John McNee


Set in a remote part of Scotland, the Ballador Country House Hotel guarantees its guests nightmares. What a delicious premise!


With an elderly magnate as the protagonist, I couldn't help but wonder how the author was going to make him come alive, but come alive he did-without being at all likable. An interesting choice for protagonist, but John McNee pulls it off.


Without going further into the plot, I can say that there are some wildly creative ideas here and the author delivers on them. Descriptions that defy reality often bother me, but here there is a good reason for them which gives the author a lot of wiggle room. Mr. McNee does not waste it. I have to give proper respect to the imaginative mind that comes up with such ideas. (Or as the kids say I give him mad respect. At least, I think that's what they say.??) Anyway, the ideas were KILLER.


I also feel I have to give an appreciative nod to the writing skills on display here. I felt this story was well written. The author found ways to describe numerous horrific incidents without being repetitive or losing my interest-something that doesn't happen very often.


I highly recommend this book to all fans of horror, but especially fans of early Clive Barker and the Splatterpunk genre!  You can pre-order this book here: Prince of Nightmares.


Thanks goes out to fellow Goodreader Bandit, whose review caused me to head over to Net Galley and request this book. Thanks Bandit!


*And thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for providing this book for free, in exchange for an honest review. This is it.*