The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, Narrated by-Various

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins, India Fisher, Louise Brealey, Clare Corbett


The Girl on the Train is one messed up story!


Every character in this book is pathetic and sad and the pacing did slow down about a third of the way through. However, I found the mystery compelling enough to keep listening.


There'll be no rehash of the plot here since it has been broken down and examined by several thousand people already. I'll just say that the last third of the book was a LOT of fun to listen to and I had my earbuds glued to my ears until the grand finale. And I do think it was grand, considering.



I'm surprised that I enjoyed this audio as much as I did. Usually when everyone is raving about a book, I'm the only one that hates it. I'm glad that this time, I enjoyed the book too. It feels nice to belong, once in a great while.


A special thanks goes out to my friend Nev Murray who kindly gifted me this audio book. Thanks, Nev!