Knocking Two Big Tomes off the TBR!

The Magus - John Fowles House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski


I'm excited to finally be reading The Magus by John Fowles! It's been on my TBR for what feels like forever now. I moved last year and due to some family health issues, I only just a few weeks ago found my new, local library. Once I did, I then discovered both the Fowles books I had been wanting to read for so long! Whoohoo! (And quietly, to myself, a big Pffft to Amazon. I am NOT paying $10.00 for Kindle versions of books written in the 60's.)


I added House of Leaves to the header because after The Magus, (a 600 page tome), I plan to participate in a buddy read of it over at Goodreads. (You can join us here, if you like!) Now, HOL is also a doorstop of a book and it HAS to be read in print. (Or at least, there is no Kindle version of it, I'm sure there are bootlegs somewhere, I wouldn't know.) I finally broke down and bought a print copy of it back in September. I've peeked at the inside of it from time to time. The print is all over the place on the pages of this book. Sometimes the print circles the outside edges of the page. Sometimes the words are placed diagonally. I believe I saw one page where the words were upside down? It's a bit intimidating and I have NEVER been intimidated by a book before. At the same time, I'm most excited about finally reading this thing, because I've been wanting to for SO LONG!


Am I the only reader that gets excited, not only about reading the book for the story, the characters and all that, but also because I'm eager to finally knock it off my super huge TBR? What books would you like to knock off your TBR and why? Talk to Char below!