Zero Lives Remaining by Adam Cesare

Zero Lives Remaining - Nick Gucker, Adam Cesare, Frank Walls, K. Allen Wood

Now, see? This is fun! Just look at that cover. It promises F-U-N, don't you think?


I needed a change from The Magus and this is a perfect fit. A story set in a video game arcade, remember those? If you're about my age, you might remember spending hours  in there, (my local arcade was called The Dream Machine), with every available quarter going towards Joust, Galaga, Centipede, and Ms. Pacman. I raked thousands of leaves and shoveled tons of snow for the money to get some play time in on my favorite arcade games. 


Ahhh, Ms. Pacman-she was my first video game addiction. She had that cute little bow in her hair and everything-how could you not love her? In fact, I loved her so much so that I still have and cherish my Atari version of the game. (No visiting children are allowed to play it. Nope! UH-UH! Sorry! Put the joystick down and back away.)



This novella was just the change of pace I needed! I'm heading back into the arcade to see what horrors await me. I'll catch you guys on the other side.