Zero Lives Remaining by Adam Cesare

Zero Lives Remaining - Nick Gucker, Adam Cesare, Frank Walls, K. Allen Wood


Every once in a while I love to immerse myself in the literary equivalent of B-movie cheese. Something like say, The Rats by James Herbert or The Night of the Crabs by Guy N. Smith. This book definitely qualifies!


What started out as a nostalgic trip to the video game arcade of my youth turned into something else completely-a creature feature in the highest order of fun! We have a group of kids, mostly good, one bad. We've got a couple of nerdy adults, (still hanging out at the arcade), and a sweetheart of an employee-the stroke ridden Boden. (A shout out to John Boden of Shock Totem, I assume.) Then Cesare locks them all up in the arcade, (and that arcade gate coming down-whew that was something else!), sprinkles in some weird electrical and biological mojo, shakes it all up and voila! Pure, unadulterated F U N.


If you're in that mood, and you KNOW that mood I'm talking about, where this novella sounds like just what you need right now? You need to snap this one up and spend a little time in the arcade. But beware, even Ms. Pacman can't protect you in here-you have Zero Lives Remaining!


Highly recommended for fans of creature features and B movie cheese!


*I was provided an e-ARC of this novella in exchange for an honest review. This is it.*