Reading progress update: I've read 30 pages of House of Leaves and...

House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski

I am already pretty sure that I'm going to LOVE it!


How can you tell, you may ask. Well, I'm already feeling off balance and very wary of what's going to happen next. There's some foreshadowing going on here, (which I enjoy as long as it's not too much foreshadowing and not any actual shadowing, if you know what I mean), and there is a genuine feeling of unease creeping over me. Already. At page 30.

I have an inkling that this book might actually be scary, and I'm super psyched  about it! (When you're a horror fan, very little scares you after a while. There are few surprises in store, anywhere. So just the thought of something actually being scary thrills you. It's why most of us became horror fans in the first place, after all!)



What say you, Obsidian? How are you feeling about House of Leaves so far?