Aggravation-or NOS4A2-Why Can't I Find My Review?


I'm reading Obsidian's updates on NOS4A2 and how she wants to strangle Vic at times, and I wanted to chime in about Vic's boyfriend. So I click on the book cover, so I can quickly find my review, pull it up and get Vic's boyfriend's name, because for the life of me, I can't remember it.  My review is not there. Hmmmm.


So then I say to myself, maybe my review is associated with a different edition. I click on a different edition. A whole new screen pops up, my review's not there. I click on a different edition, a whole new screen pops up. Rinse and repeat 5 freaking times, still no review.


Why, oh why, is this so difficult? Can't the internet gods make it so we could hover over the book covers on the book's page and a little pop up could say, "paperback" or "kindle" or "audiobook"? Why do I have to have 15 pages open to find the edition I want?


I never did find my edition and now I don't care about Vic's boyfriend anymore, or about how O feels about him. I loved the guy, for whatever it's worth.