Hell' s Bounty by Joe and John Lansdale

Hell's Bounty - John L. Lansdale, Joe R. Lansdale


Cowboy zombies on stilts! Yes, you read that right.


Don't worry, there won't be any more spoilers in this review, I just had to get that out there. Hell's Bounty, with that kick-ass cover, was a lot of fun to read.


A weird western, it has all the elements one wants to see: cowboys, strange monsters, unearthly tentacles, Satan and Old Ones. Yep, Old Ones. Mr. Lansdale and his brother mash up everything here, but somehow it works. Mostly.


I liked the action packed last half better than the first; it took a little while for this story to find its groove, but once it did, it was GONE! Something was missing here, though, and I think it was the quality of the humor. While this book did feature some of that famous Lansdale wit, I didn't find it quite as sharp or as biting in this book as I have in most of his others.


If a weird western is what you're craving, with a dash of Lovecraft and a dollop of zombies, this is the book for you. Recommended for fans of Lansdale and his westerns!


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