Midnight Solitaire by Greg Gifune

Midnight Solitaire - Greg F. Gifune


This is not a typical Greg Gifune story in that it's a straightforward narrative with no real ambiguity. It was a change I welcomed.


The Dealer, (the devil?), wanders the road for souls and bodies to collect to satisfy his sick rituals and desires. Doc, (whose wife and daughter The Dealer collected), lives with only the goal of finding and killing him. This is the story of the final showdown.


There's slightly more going on here, but the reader should discover that for themselves. This novella sped right on by and before I knew it, it was all over. A fun, fast paced story without all the thinking and mulling over, (don't get me wrong, I enjoy that kind of tale too), that is often involved with reading Gifune's work.


Recommended for fans of dark fiction, especially fans of The Stand!