Unseemly by Jason Parent

Unseemly - Jason  Parent


A man named Peter travels to an island in Scotland to meet his less than respectable friend, Dervish, to discuss some probably illegal shenanigans. He's got a bad feeling from the get-go and he should have listened. That's all I can say about the plot of this novella.


The guy's going to an island in Scotland, so you already know this isn't going to turn out well. Scotland is home to how many scary legends and myths? Why, oh why, would you go despite your bad feelings about the situation? Of course horror stories almost all consist of someone doing something despite having a bad feeling about it, so that's cool.


Where the story didn't quite deliver for me was where Peter was concerned. I didn't much care for the guy, therefore I wasn't yelling at him, (other readers do that, right?), "Don't go, don't do it!", I was just "You should think about this" and moved on.


Unseemly was a quick reading novella that was a fun adventure with some shudder-causing twists that I didn't expect. For that reason I recommend it to fans of creature features and myth-based stories.


*I received a free review copy from Corpus Press in exchange for an honest review. This is it.*