The Vines by Christopher Rice, narrated by Jeff Cummings

The Vines - Christopher Rice


The Vines was a strange novel. It read quickly, (listened quickly?), and it was fun, but the whole time I felt that it was missing something. 


 I'm cool with plant-creatures and bugs, but I was not satisfied with the explanation for them, nor was I satisfied with the development of the characters. I especially loved Nova and while I felt she had plenty of page time, I did not feel that I got to know her as well as I would have liked. She discovered a program that a professor was putting together regarding slave narratives and I would have enjoyed learning more about that also.


A few times it seemed that the story was trying to figure out what it wanted to be. A commentary on slavery? On homosexuality? On the unfaithful? Or all of the above?


Overall, though, I did enjoy the quality of the writing and the descriptions. Even though I didn't out and out love this novel, I will try more of Mr. Rice's work in the future, because I feel like he has true writing chops and the potential to be amazing.