A Little Light Screaming by Johnny Mains

A Little Light Screaming - Johnny Mains


"Resuscitation Andy" is the first story in this collection and it was something else! See that book cover? That's him. He's one of those dummies on which you are supposed to practice CPR. What would happen if Resuscitation Andy there, were conscious? And what if you were using him for purposes not originally intended? This story hits all the right notes and ended up being  my favorite; but every story in this book was good and that's a rare thing. 


My other favorites were:


"The Foul Mass At Tongue House" Somehow Mains manages to reference Lovecraft and M.R. James and then he makes Edward Lee into a reverend. So yeah, FUN!


"Paintings"... was, for me, the saddest tale in this book. I have a son and I can't imagine this happening. 


"Sticking Your Head Out" This story was a nasty affair, but I'm kind of twisted, so I ended up laughing. 


"The Curse of the Monster"...has everything-ancient yogis, ancient curses and Winston Churchill. What a trip! 


"The Gamekeeper" was the last entry in this book and though I felt that it meandered a little bit, it had a realistic, gritty feeling to it until the very end and then BAM! I love stories like that. 


Overall, I thought this was an impressive collection of stories, and I'm wondering how I've never heard of this guy before? I'm not sure how he has escaped my attentions but I'm going to be on the lookout for anything new he releases. You should be on the lookout too.


Highly recommended for fans of short fiction, weird tales, Robert Aickman, and for anyone else who likes their horror stories a little twisted!


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