Horror Guide to Massachusetts by David and Scott T. Goudsward

Horror Guide to Massachusetts - David Goudsward, Scott T Goudsward


With an introduction from one of my favorite authors, Greg Gifune, the Horror Guide to Massachusetts, is a superb reference to horror in my home state.


Being from western MA, I can tell you that we WM natives are often angry because almost everyone who thinks they know our state are really are only talking about Boston. I was happy to see that this book did not ignore us at all and that really excited me. Let me tell you about it.


Between its covers this book consists of vignettes of dark MA history-be it fictional or real. Yes, yes, yes, Salem is here and has voluminous entries regarding events, films and books. But what's also included is the Quabbin Reservoir, (pretty close to where I live), which, I learned, may have been the basis for Lovecraft's Arkham Reservoir, and was also a location in Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. Very cool!


Even more cool to me, was the inclusion of my hometown of Springfield. Even though it was home to Indian Motorcycle, Springfield Rifle, (you can still visit the Springfield Armory), basketball and Dr. Seuss, not many people have heard of it. I was pleased to find lots of entries ranging from June Foray who voiced the creepy "Talky Tina" from the Twilight Zone episode, to the fact that Kurt Russell, (Snake Plisskin!!), was born here.


Every type of horror angle is covered-from real historical events, (like the flooding of entire towns to create the aforementioned reservoir), to film and book mentions. This fact makes this book a tremendous reference for fans of history and dark fiction, in both film and literature.


If these subjects interest you, I highly recommend Horror Guide to Massachusetts!


*Thanks to Scott Goudsward for signing my copy at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Fest! (Please forgive me for taking so long to review it. )*