Savage Species by Jonathan Janz

Savage Species - Jonathan Janz

In Peaceful Valley something is awakened and soon, the Valley will be peaceful no longer: Yeah! Savage Species is a wildly imaginative creature feature and I thought it was a blast!


Populated with a great cast of characters, (just like the sequel, Children of the Dark, which I read first), I found myself rooting for some and hating on others, almost from the get-go. Jonathan Janz has the ability to get the reader caring for these people, and then he puts them through hell, just as horror readers expect he will. He doesn't shy away, either, from bringing these characters to the only end possible, which I enjoy and respect.


My only issue with this book is that I think some of the action scenes went on a bit too long, an issue which I feel he improved upon in Children of the Dark. Sometimes I felt my tension wane when this occurred, but sure enough, it ramped back up again as the plot unfolded.


Overall, this was one hell of a read. Well written Creature-Features are one my favorite types of horror stories, because there's a lot of room for imagination. Let me tell you, Jonathan's imagination is messed up! Not only do we have 2 sets of main creatures, we have a couple of odd ball one offs on top of that! Plus, there is plenty of room to expand even further than he already has with CoD. I will wait with bated breath to see if there will be another book. If and when there is, I'm all over it!


Recommended for fans of creature features and fun horror stories! You can buy your copy here: Savage Species


*Disclosure: I am friends online with this author, but in no way has that affected the contents of this review. *