Lock In by John Scalzi, narrated by Will Wheaton

Lock In - John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton

Count me in as new fan of John Scalzi!


After listening to Scalzi's [book:Redshirts|13055592], (also narrated by Will Wheaton), I knew I would be reading and/or listening to more of his books in the future. I wasn't all-out crazy about it, due to what I felt was the excessive use of "he saids" and "she saids" in the narrative, but I recognized interesting world-building and great story-telling skills and wanted to try more of Scalzi's work. I'm so glad I did!


The world-building in this book is just...beyond most of what I've read in the past. It's a bit complicated to try to explain in this small space, but it involves people being "locked-in" as a result of worldwide epidemic. "Locked- in" is a condition that leaves a person completely mentally awake and aware, but unable to physically move at all. So many people are affected by this condition that entire corporations and businesses spring up to deal with the phenomenon. For instance: creating android bodies, (called threeps), which those in a locked-in condition, (who can afford them), can use to move around and have a life.


The level of realistic detail here is crazy-I admire the imagination that can create such a world and then populate it with people that became real to me. Add to all this a murder mystery, even more detail on those locked-in, and you have a fabulously entertaining story which Will Wheaton did a great job in narrating. I do still feel, however, that the usage of the "he said" and "she said" tags, is a little excessive and for that, I deducted half a star. Other than that, I can find no other faults with this story.


At the end of the audiobook, a novella was included, which explains even more how the disease originated and was spread. I appreciated the additional details.


I highly recommend this book to fans of John Scalzi, (though most of you have probably already read it), and to fans of science fiction that doesn't get too bogged down in the science part of the term. Lock In was a fun, fun ride!