Stories of the Strange and Sinister by Frank Baker

Stories of the Strange and Sinister (Valancourt 20th Century Classics) - Frank Baker, R.B. Russell


When I saw Valancourt Books was re-releasing this book, I requested it right away. It was released in the 80's and as you most likely know, I'm a lover of 80's horror. Plus, something about this cover calls to me. However, this was not the typical 80's horror collection.


These stories were weird. Most of the stories were strange, but I did not find many of them to be sinister. There is no dispute about the quality of the writing-it was excellent, hence the 3 star rating.


My favorite story in the collection has to be The Chocolate Box. A man discovers an old chocolate box one night on his way home. He picks it up because it brings him fond memories-these are the type of chocolates that his mother used to love. Unfortunately, instead of chocolates, the box contains something much more sinister.


Coming in a close second is the story The Sack. This one was super cool because it built up the dread so easily and then carried it right through until the end.


Sadly, most of the rest of the stories didn't work that well for me. However, they were well written and may work for you.


I think that fans of Robert Aickman and weird tales, in general, would dig this book.


*Valancourt Books provided a free e-copy to me, in exchange for an honest review. This is it!*