Where Nightmares Begin by Glenn Rolfe

Where Nightmares Begin - Glenn Rolfe


Where Nightmares Begin is a collection of three novellas, one of which I'd previously read. I've also read Mr. Rolfe's short novel, Blood and Rain, which I enjoyed, so I was happy to try out this collection when it came up for review at Horror After Dark.


Abram's Bridge -This is the novella I read previously. However, I noticed some improvements in the writing since my original read, so my rating has changed. This is a ghost/revenge story with a gritty cast of characters, fast pacing and a satisfying denouement. 3.5*


Boom Town-A few years back there were stories in the news about a town which was experiencing mysterious "booms" and it seems that this story is loosely based on that town. In real life, the mystery was solved, but in this book, only the reader is fully privy to the cause of the booms. The premise was (mostly) original, the execution was good and it left me wanting more. (Which, it turns out, I'm going to get because Glenn is working on a sequel.) This was my favorite story in the collection. 4*


Things We Fear- This novella was cool for a few reasons. First, it was set in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, which is a place I've visited dozens of times. I always get a little thrill when I'm familiar with the setting in a book. (I've eaten those Pier Fries and I've ridden rides in Palace Playland.) Second, the author was brave enough not to give this the "happily ever after" ending, which I love and respect. I did not feel though, that the premise was truly original, but that's okay, because Things We Fear was still a fun ride. 3.5*


When I add these ratings together, I come up with a 3.66 and since that option is not available, I rounded it up to 4 stars even. I think that Glenn Rolfe is an author to watch. I've already seen improvements in his writing and it is my firm belief that it's only going to get better. When he becomes a famous, rich guy I hope he remembers that I said this.


Recommended for fans of dark fiction novellas, ghost stories, serial killer tales, and those who love OOB.


*I received an e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*