Dead Man's Walk by Larry McMurtry, narrated by Will Patton

Dead Man's Walk - Larry McMurtry

Some years ago, my friend Tressa finally convinced me to read a western and that book was Lonesome Dove. It is now one of my favorite books of all time. 


Recently, I signed up for Audible, (to get a free audiobook, if I'm to be completely honest), and when I went to cancel the trial, they convinced me to stay on for a reduced price.

I agreed to it and immediately went book shopping. Thanks to my lovely GR and BL friends, (mostly I'm looking at you Bark and Spare Ammo), I stumbled upon and recognized the name Will Patton. The book was Dead Man's Walk and featured my two favorite characters from Lonesome Dove. I downloaded this bad boy and I was hooked! 



Sometimes in a sequel, (which in this case is actually a prequel), the story isn't as good, or the characters aren't as compelling, but I didn't find any of that to be the case. Plus, this tale had the added enhancement of Will Patton's wonderful voicing and narration. 


Gus and Call are young and just getting to know each other in this story and it was kind of neat to see how they got together. Gus and Call, among over 200 other men,  are forced on a 200 mile march across Mexico, through an area called the Dead Man's Walk. Here, this book becomes much bloodier than Lonesome Dove was.The death toll is extremely high. Instead of Blue Duck, this time around we have Buffalo Hump and a ghostly Apache named Gomez. Not to mention the even worse white men, pirate turned  "colonel" Caleb Cobb and the French Major LaRoche. 


Will Patton 


With Will Patton's voice adding both humor and horror throughout, I had a fine time listening to this book. I was disappointed to learn that he does not narrate the other books in this series. Which, despite how much I love the stories, discourages me from listening to them. I just can't see how anyone else could live up to this performance. I will probably read them instead.


Lastly, a warning to those that are easily offended. This book is populated with all kinds of stuff that is not politically correct. There are whores and lots of them, there are all kinds of names and terms that were used at the time that are not commonly used or accepted now. If that kind of thing bothers you, you should probably take a pass. In this context, it did not bother me. 


I loved listening to Dead Man's Walk, and I am already looking forward to listening to it again in the future. The story isn't perfect, and perhaps it's a bit too bloody, even for me, but I loved it anyway and I learned some things. (Mostly that I love Will Patton's voice, but other things as well.) If you enjoyed Lonesome Dove, I believe that you'll enjoy this book too. And if you can get it with Will Patton's narration, you really can't go wrong.


Highly recommended!