Wolf Hunt 2, by Jeff Strand, narrated by Scott Thomas

Wolf Hunt 2 - Jeff Strand, Jeff Strand, Scott Thomas


Being a fan of Jeff Strand, I hopped onto the chance to review this audiobook in exchange for a free copy. I bought Wolf Hunt 2 the day it came out, but I just haven't had time to read it. 


This book starts out with our unemployed protagonists, George and Lou, (who happen to be two thugs with questionable morals), getting a job offer. Well,  more like a "Do this job or you will die" order, really. They are in the dog house after seriously botching their last job, that being the original Wolf Hunt. In the hopes of having a real life again, George and Lou take the offer and we're off.


This time the wolves are numerous and one of them is a child. This story took a few darker turns than the original and I liked that. Have no fear, though, the dark humor Jeff Strand is known for shines through and I found myself laughing out loud a number of times. 


The narration of Scott Thomas was excellent. The only problem I had was with the voicing of Eugene, who started to sound more and more like Bobcat Goldthwait as the story went on. Even though the guy went through a lot, I found myself wanting to kill him just so he would shut up.


Wolf Hunt 2 was a good time! If you enjoyed the first one, I believe you'll enjoy this one as well. There's a lot of action and the aforementioned dark turns, but the humor is there and that's what makes both Wolf Hunts very special books. 


Recommended for fans of Wolf Hunt and Jeff Strand!