Fountain of the Dead by Scott T. Goudsward

Fountain of the Dead - Scott T. Goudsward


Zombies! And not just human ones either! Very cool!


Fountain of the Dead stars out in the suburbs of what's left of Boston about 10 years after Storm Night. That was the night a pretty meteor shower turned into meteors actually hitting the earth and somehow raising the dead. Our plucky group of survivors has come together and started to make a community, sometimes trading with their evil neighbors who control Boston itself. One night a stranger comes to the gates ranting about finding a cure and, of course, they let him in. So begins their journey towards the truth.


I'll have to leave the plot off there, other than to say there were a few turns that did surprise me. I think it's pretty hard to do that, especially with as big a fan of The Walking Dead as I am. The premise of finding a cure is an intriguing one, as most other zombie novels are wholly immersed in just surviving. These characters were well developed, but I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the bad guys. I also liked the imagination and creativity on hand for the very last portion of this novel. Bravo to what happened outside that shed!


I did have some issues with the editing. There were more typos than I would have liked, as well as missing or incorrectly spelled words, which took me out of the story here and there. Luckily, the pacing was good and I was able to hop back into the action without too much trouble.


Fountain of the Dead shows off some incredible imagination, especially towards the end, and for this reason I feel comfortable recommending it to fans of horror, but especially to fans of zombie stories and/or The Walking Dead.


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