Savage Season (Hap & Leonard #1), by Joe Lansdale, narrated by Phil Gigante

Savage Season: The First Hap and Leonard Novel - Joe R. Lansdale, Phil Gigante


For my Year of Lansdale project I had this audio book all lined up and then the TV show came out. I have to say that the show spoiled me as far as the voices go. The actors will forever be the voices of Hap and Leonard in my head. (If you haven't seen the show, I highly recommend it!)


The drama mirrored this book pretty closely except for a few changes near the end. The humor that I found so appealing in the other two Hap and Leonard's that I've read was here, but not as much, and I found myself wishing for a little more. I'm still glad that I listened to this book, but I will be reading, rather than listening, to the rest of the series.


Recommended to fans of Joe Lansdale!


P.S. The narrator of this book, Phil Gigante, has a disturbing recent past, to which he plead guilty, and this, too, played a part in my decision to READ the rest of the series, rather than listen. I cannot with good conscience support Mr. Gigante in the future.