My recent experience with trying to read Welcome to Nightvale reminds me that I've been wanting to do a post about podcasts. Today is the day of getting things done, so here we go!



At the end of 2015 I began listening to Brian Keene's podcast, The Horror Show. I met the man at last years's Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival, (which was AWESOME), and he asked me if I listened to his podcast and I had to say no. Since he was so gracious and nice I made it a point to search it out and I've been a faithful listener since then.


I've learned a lot-he loves the old school horror that I grew up on and he also has a love of the classics and the genre as a whole. To be honest, I think the man is a little full of himself, but he's earned it. A lot of his observations are spot on and his horror knowledge is beyond compare. Brian Keene is a force of nature and together with his friend Dave, and tons of horror genre guests, and, (what I think is the best feature), horror news, they have produced a podcast that is entertaining, thought provoking and diverse. You can find a list of the shows here: The Horror Show.


I've started listening to a new show: The Horror of Nachos and Hamantaschen. I started listening because J.R. Hamantaschen's collection: You Shall Never Know Security was awesome and he seems like a cool dude. I've only listened to the first podcast so far,  and they're just finding their footing. However, they both are funny and seem to have a good knowledge of the genre and they have some great guests on their lineup, which you can find at the site above. 


I've listened to a few others: Three Guys With Beards, hosted by Christopher Golden, Jonathan Maberry and James A. Moore. I've only listened to 1 of these so far, but it was entertaining. I'm trying to find the time to listen to Buttercup of Doom hosted by Kelli Owen but I haven't been able to as of yet. 


So how 'bout you? Do you have a favorite podcast? If so, tell me about it, below!