Custom Kindle Dictionaries

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So, I recently started "The Lord of the Rings" (yay!) and I am naturally lost in between the names and the lingo of Middle Earth.

And then I discovered these 'dictionaries' that you can import on your kindle (I put them on the dictionaries folder), and voilà!


You have a question about a character? Highlight it and it will open his profile. You do not know what a bog is? (I am fairly in the beginning) Do not fear - the fictionary to the rescue!!

That's right! The words you look up will even show up in your vocabulary builder!


Like what you see? You want to try it too?


Head over here, where you can also find instructions on how to download them and load them on the kindle.


P.S #1: These dictionaries are not limited to the Lord of the Rings - they have editions for the Game of Thrones books too (and many many more!) And I know some of you are contemplating on starting them so they might be useful!

P.S #2: Did I mention that they are free?!