Let Me In by John Ajvide Lindvist, narrated by Steven Pacey

Let Me In - -Macmillan Audio-, John Ajvide Lindquist, Steven Pacey


For some reason, I thought this was a YA tale. Where the hell did I get that from? I purchased it anyway, about 2 years ago, but just haven't had the chance to read it yet. Recently, I saw the audio available at my library, so I downloaded this bad boy and, wow-what fun!


There are thousands of ratings and reviews on this book, plus there's a movie, so what more can I contribute to this conversation? Not that much! I enjoyed the main characters, I enjoyed how the issues dealt with herein-bullying, alcoholism, pedophilia were introduced and discussed, and I definitely enjoyed the ending! There were a few weird side plots going on and it never became clear to me how they connected with the main one, but I ended up enjoying those too.


I would like to say that the narrator, Steven Pacey, was freaking AWESOME. He was immediately added to my favorite narrators list.


Overall, this book was fun, (it was definitely not YA and it dealt with the vampire issue, (and other issues), in a realistic and interesting way.


Recommended for fans of vampire fiction!