The Monster Underneath by Matthew Franks

The Monster Underneath - Matthew Franks

The Monster Underneath features an excellent premise: the ability for a doctor to enter into the dreams of his patients in an effort to help heal them. In this case the doctor is a prison therapist and his patients are convicts in the prison system. Max Crawford believes his work is important-he is able to lead felons on a path to remorse and to a deeper understanding of the motivations behind their crimes-all with their consent, of course.


The problems begin when Max is asked to help the police, without the consent of the suspect, not a convict. Being that Mr. Knox is almost certainly a serial killer of young women, and Max has a very young daughter of his own, he overcomes his misgivings and agrees to help the FBI wrangle enough information to put Knox away for life. Will he be able to discover enough to lead the FBI to a confession, or better yet, get him convicted? You'll have to read this book to find out.


I loved this premise; though a bit unrealistic, I think the author pulled it off. I had only two problems with the story-the first was that the beginning was slightly info-dumpy, by which I mean, a LOT of information was thrown at the reader all at once in the very beginning. I think this tale might have benefited from a slower way of bringing out all the necessary background. The second problem I had was with the ending. It was all so quickly wrapped up, bang-bang-bang, so to speak. To me, it was also a bit predictable-I like to be punched in the face with an ending-so this is a purely personal observation.


Despite those two issues, I enjoyed the dream-walk that was The Monster Underneath and I'm looking forward to what Matthew Franks has in store for us horror lovers in the future.


Recommended to fans of psychological horror!


You can buy your copy here, (and it's currently on sale for only $.99!)


**Thanks to the publisher for the free e-ARC and thanks to Matthew Franks for sending me the lovely paper copy. Neither of these influenced, this, my honest review.*


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