Cast A Cold Eye by Alan Ryan

Cast a Cold Eye - Alan Peter Ryan

Feast your eyes upon this super creepy cover! What horror fan wouldn't want to read this book?


A seanachie in ancient Ireland was an historian and storyteller. It's a word mentioned to Jack Quinlan,an American visiting Ireland to research a book he's writing about the Irish potato famine. Jack sets himself up in a rental house for 3 months so he can explore the area and get to writing. The Irish towns he visits are small with old buildings, and the townspeople are all simple folk with simple traditions. However, these towns often have secrets and rituals and Jack is about to stumble onto some of them. Will he survive the encounter? You'll have to read Cast A Cold Eye to find out!


This book drips with atmosphere. A ghost story set in October, on the western shores of Ireland. There's fog, there's moors nearby, there's the sea bashing the rocky land day and night. Alan Ryan's prose when describing the delights of the Irish scenery was rich and vivid. It created a contrast in my mind with the horrible facts about the Irish potato famine: Such natural beauty in the scenery yet many people starved to death in the middle of it.


Unfortunately, I felt that the atmosphere did not deliver in the end. I was somehow expecting more of a bang and when the denouement arrived it somehow felt anti-climactic. However, that does not mean that I didn't enjoy the journey because I did. Recommended to fans of atmospheric ghost stories and beautiful prose!


*Thanks to Valancourt Books for providing a free e-copy in exchange for my honest review. This is it!*