The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone

The Hatching: The Hatching Series Book One - Ezekiel Boone

SPIDERS! Lots of them! If the little bit of webbing on the cover didn't register with you the word SPIDERS (!) should.


We've all seen videos of spider nests suddenly exploding with little baby spiders running all over the place. This book is NOTHING like that. Picture a big, pulsing, hot-to-the-touch egg sac erupting volcano-like with big, hairy and fast spiders. Are you shuddering yet? Yeah, me too.


The Hatching tells the story of an invasion of spiders. From the rain forest in Peru to Georgia, from India to China, there is no one and no place that is safe. Despite the international flavor of the story, the important characters here are mostly American and they're well drawn. The main scientist, named Melanie, was a little too sexed up for my tastes, though if she were a male character, that probably wouldn't bother me, so maybe this is a personal thing. The FBI agent, (who of course Melanie wants to get with as soon as this little spider thing is over), Mike Rich, comes across as a great guy. His family interactions -with his daughter, ex-wife and her new husband-rang true to me. He certainly seemed more mature and likable than Scientist Melanie. Lastly, I enjoyed the fact that the American president was a woman.


The telling of the story switches back and forth between the different characters and does it in short chapters, which makes for a quick read. The pacing took a little bit of a hit at first, what with the introductions of all the various characters. Once that was the done, the pacing was excellent and everything flowed naturally towards an end that I should've seen coming, but I really didn't.


This book stands a bit above your regular creature feature novel-whereas those don't usually take themselves too seriously, (think Night of the Crabs by Guy N. Smith), this book does. And because it took the spider threat seriously, so did I.


I hope that I don't stay itchy the entire time I'm waiting for the next book to come out. Seriously, I'm hurting myself with all this scratching.


Highly recommended to fans of horror!


The Hatching goes on sale July 5, 2016. But you can pre-order it here:The Hatching


 *Thank you Net Galley and Atria/Emily Bestler Books for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest review. This is it!*