Preacher: Book Two by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

Preacher, Book Two - Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon

It's official! I'm addicted!


In this volume, which is beautifully illustrated, SO MUCH backstory is here to be discovered. 


We learn a little bit about Preacher's father and the Spaceman. 


We learn how Cassidy became a vampire. We learn about the Grail. We meet Herr Starr.


Lastly, we learn about Jesus DeSade-a man whose life is dedicated to debauchery. This guy is so disgusting I can't even find words. I fail to see how AMC will be able to incorporate this sick fuck into the TV show, but I am hoping hard that somehow they do. 




If you are a fan of the show, or if you're considering starting this series or, if you're like I used to be and you turn your nose up at graphic novels, GIVE THIS SERIES A GO. The TV show is good, but it doesn't even come close to these graphic novels, at least it hasn't so far. 


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