Paradise Sky by Joe Lansdale, narrated by Brad Sanders

Paradise Sky - Joe R. Lansdale

Updating 7.12.16, the Kindle version of this novel is currently on sale for only $2.99!

I cannot recommend this book enough, and for only $2.99, it's a steal! Paradise Sky.


This is an OUTSTANDING western novel about the life of Deadwood Dick, aka Nat Love.


Willie is an African American boy who was forced out on his own at a very young age, due to an unfortunate glance at the rear end of a white man's wife. This story follows Willie until he becomes Nat and, indeed, a far different man.


This audio book has it all. The narrator, Brad Sanders, is unbelievably fantastic. His performance, combined with the storytelling of Joe Lansdale, makes this one of the best audio books I've EVER read. I laughed out loud so many times my coworkers wondered what was going on. And that reaction was nothing to what happened when I began crying my eyes out later on.


I just started getting into Joe Lansdale's work this year and, again, I'm feeling sorry that I waited such a long time to do so. But on the bright side, I have a bunch more of his books to read and that's a great thing.


Highly recommended to everyone! Period.