Where the Bodies Were Buried by T.J. English, narrated by Mike Chamberlain

Where the Bodies Were Buried: Whitey Bulger and the World That Made Him - T.J. English

This book didn't shed any new light on the case of Whitey Bulger. However, it did go into the trial, in depth. If you're not aware of this case, I wrote a post about it, here.


While listening to this book, I realized that I enjoy true crime more when it's presented in a narrative style, instead of this way-starting with the trial and backtracking somewhat. Here, as each witness comes to the stand we learn about them, or their circumstances in regards to testifying. I would have preferred a more straightforward narrative. 


Although Where the Bodies Were Buried doesn't present any new information, it was still interesting to learn tidbits that the author delved into during conversations and interviews with a lot of the witnesses involved. Also, this book did shed some insight as to how the confidential informant system was warped and turned into a system that helped criminals rather than catch them. 


Lastly, even though I was already familiar with this case from having read other books and articles about it, I am STILL blown away by the level of corruption reached by the government on almost every level. Local, state and federal-all of them have a lot to answer for. As mentioned at the end of this book by one of the jurors, it's very difficult to see the worth in letting serial killers, (because that's what hit men are, let's face it), go almost totally free in exchange for getting Whitey. Steven, "the Rifleman" Flemmi, John, "The Executioner" Martarano, and Kevin Weeks were ALL murderers, but because Flemmi and Whitey were ratting on the Italian mafia, business as usual was allowed to continue. Not to mention the people like Joe Salvati that were sent up for 30 YEARS, when all the while the FBI had PROOF that they were NOT guilty. 


Cases like this make me question the validity and integrity of our system. As I said in my previous post about this book, if this were fiction or a movie, it would be panned for being unrealistic. This book reminds us all that IT HAPPENED. It cannot be allowed to happen again. 


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