JEDI Summer: With the Magnetic Kid by John Boden

JEDI Summer: with The Magnetic Kid - John Boden, James R. Newman

JEDI Summer is a coming of age tale set during the time in which I, (mostly) grew up, the glorious 80's.


80's nostalgia seems to be the all the rage now, what with the new Netflix show, Stranger Things, also set during this time. To those of us who grew up back then, nothing can touch our memories of: the advent of cable television and the premiere of MTV, VCRs that were so expensive at the time you had to rent them, (not to mention how BIG they were!), Galaga, big hair bands and so much more. This tale is about the summer when Return of the Jedi came out: 1983.


A semi-autobiographical piece of coming-of-age dark fiction, that's what this is. It's more of a collection of tales set during that summer in a small town; tales peppered with peeks into the dark side. Not only with the death of relatives, which we all experience, but with nasty little scenes that I imagine must haunt Mr. Boden, if they are indeed true. He claims that some of them are, according to James Newman, who penned the introduction.


Having Mr. Newman introduce this book was perfect. His book, The Wicked, was a coming of age story as is JEDI Summer. John Boden, in addition to being an editor at Shock Totem, (the company that published The Wicked, back in 2012), Mr. Boden is an author and a fine one, at that.


If you have a certain sense of nostalgia for the 80's, and/or a proclivity for dark fiction coming-of-age tales, such as The Wicked, Boy's Life, or Summer of Night, then this novella was written with you in mind. I highly recommend you take an hour and give it a shot!


Available here on July 22, 2016: JEDI Summer: With the Magnetic Kid


*I received a free e-copy of JEDI Summer from Post Mortem Press in exchange for my honest review. This is it!*


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