End of Watch by Stephen King, narrated by Will Patton

End of Watch: A Novel - Stephen King, Simon & Schuster Audio, Will Patton

Here we are at the end of this series and I'm sad to see these characters go. In MY book, they are the reason that Stephen King is THE king.


In this third entry, it's finally discovered what Brady has been up to the entire time he's been hospitalized. We find that Holly Gibney is even more GREAT than we, or SHE, ever thought she could be, and we find that Bill has a mysterious, but persistent pain in his stomach. Oh, and lastly-the paranormal component is here in spades. That's all I can say about the plot.


To be honest, I wasn't tickled pink by the paranormal component to this story; which is weird, because it's King and it's mostly what he's known for. However, I've gotten used to these last few books being crime thrillers and I would've been happy, (or happier), if they had stayed that way. I felt the supernatural parts, while a little bit scary, mostly came off as silly. I also had a hard time buying that a serious, logical man such as Bill Hodges, would have so easily bought the premise of this story. But, you know what? I considered that the least important part of this tale, so I'm moving on.


Overall, I enjoyed the heck out of this audio book, narrated by the fabulous Will Patton, and I would recommend it to those who've already read the first two in the series. Why? First of all, because you just HAVE to find out what happens with Bill, Holly and Jerome, don't you? (Admit it, you know you do.) Second of all, simply because it's the King. We don't know how long we'll be able to have the man on this earth with us, but I don't plan on missing a thing until he leaves us for good. (And even then, I'll hold out hope for more!)