Halloween Book Bingo-Possible Entries

Chills - Mary SanGiovanni It - Stephen King The Apartment: A Horror Story (Blumhouse Books) - S.L. Grey Everything Under the Moon: A Novel - Jeff Johnson The Black Cat - Edgar Allan Poe


All the rest of my reading year is booked up with reads to review and ARCS, so I'm trying to match up some of them to the Halloween Bingo Card! If you haven't seen it, check out Moonlight Reader's post: HERE. A big thanks goes out to Moonlight and to Obsidian for coming up with this insanely awesome bingo card and for offering the super cool prizes!


The books I've listed above I think will fit the following categories:


Chills by Mary San Giovanni-Scary Women (Authors)


It by Stephen King-Reads with Booklikes Friends(I have a scheduled re-ead/buddy read)


The Apartment by S.L. Grey (Ghost Stories and Haunted Houses)



Which would leave me with the YA Horror, (maybe I could re-read The Graveyard Book?) and Diverse Authors Can Be Spooky Fun categories to fill for that row. 


Then again, if I go down the Black Cat row on the right, I could use:


Everything Under the Moon by Jeff Johnson for the Full Moon category. 


The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe For the Black Cat category. 


I could still use the buddy read of IT for Reads with Booklikes Friends spot.


Then I would need something for the Set on Halloween and Creepy Crawlies categories. 


Hmmm, decisions decisions. Plus, I still have to find an icon to use for my "Read" bingo spots and figure out how to paste them in there. (This is my first time EVER playing any kind of reading Bingo. So, YAY me! If I can figure it out.)


This is kind of fun! I'll be back when I think of some more options to fill up these bingo rows.