Buddy Read of Stephen King's "It" in Horror Aficionados at Goodreads, Oct 1st!

It - Stephen King


I thought I would put this out there for anyone looking to fill their "Read With Booklikes Friends" spot on their Halloween Bingo Cards. Since I already had a re-read planned with my friend Chris for the first of October, and Cody mentioned that he wanted to read it too, I started a buddy read thread over in the Horror Aficionados group at Goodreads. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about as far as Halloween Bingo, visit Moonlight Murder's blog here: Moonlight Murder.)


Here is a link: Buddy Read of It




I would have been happy to do the buddy read here, but the functionality and dependability at Goodreads is so much better, and who wants to wait 10  minutes for the page to load up so they can add their comments? No one. (We love you BL, but you need to get on this stuff.)


For those not familiar, I am one of the co-mods of the HA group. We are closing in on the 12,000 members mark. It's a fun place, it's free to join,  and Pennywise and I sure would love to see you there. Either way, happy reading and best of luck with your Halloween Bingo!