The Wrath of Concrete and Steel by John Claude Smith

The Wrath of Concrete and Steel - John Claude Smith

The Land Lord is the first story in The Wrath of Concrete and Steel. Right now, I can't think of a more perfect example of the "evil in a small town" trope. Jeff gives up his own place and moves in with his girlfriend Regina. As he begins to explore her town, he begins to feel that things are "off." Everyone seems to go around in a kind of daze and they keep talking about meetings. As things became clear to Jeff, and to the reader, the dread just builds and builds. I adored the ending to this novella-length tale.


The Wrath of Concrete and Steel was a strange little short story, featuring a serial killer, doing what he feels he NEEDS to do to save the city.


The Wounded Table wins for being the most messed up story in this collection. It's so well written and easily told, that when the reader finally realizes what is actually going on, it's that much more horrifying!


This was a top notch, short collection which really showcases the talents of John Claude Smith. If you haven't yet checked out his work I highly recommend you do so, because you're missing out.


You can purchase a paperback of this book here: Dunhams Manor Press


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