Troll Bridge by Neil Gaiman, Illustrated by Colleen Doran

Troll Bridge - Neil Gaiman, Colleen Doran


When I recently saw a review of this book from my Goodreads friend Spencer, I knew I had to have it. Only recently have I discovered the greatness that is Neil Gaiman,(through his Sandman series), and now I want to read everything he's written. Luckily, Dark Horse Comics approved my request through Edelweiss and last night I sat down to read it.


I'm not one for YA, but I loved this book. The story is sweet, while at the same time, surprisingly dark. The illustrations, especially those of the troll himself, are absolutely gorgeous. Colleen Doran is the cartoonist/illustrator and she's done some work with Gaiman before on the Sandman series. Together, the two make an unstoppable team.






Troll Bridge is a wonderful story and I highly recommend this graphic novel to everyone, both young and old alike!



Available at Amazon on 10.18, get your copy here: 

Neil Gaiman's Troll Bridge


*Thanks to Dark Horse Comics and Edelweiss for the Advance Review Copy in exchange for my honest review. This is it!