Bound by Andrew Lennon and Matt Hickman

Bound - Matt Hickman, Andrew Lennon

Bound was a nasty little story about a serial killer with an axe to grind, (so to speak), and a police detective who was having none of it.


The killer in this short novel is sadistic and nothing short of an animal. Actually, DCI Gunn , the detective, is a bit of an animal as well. Gunn's character was way over the top for me, and ended up in the cliche category of "loose cannon".


The other characters here were pretty well drawn-I liked all three of the female detectives, (though there being three of them, it reminded me of Charlie's Angels, {and one of these detectives was named Charlie}). My problems here stemmed from their being placed in situations that I just did not find believable. For instance, only one of them returning to a crime scene to look around again for anything they missed. In America, we send entire teams to the crime scene. Nothing like that was mentioned here. This book is set in the U.K., and maybe my outlook on this stems from my U.S. view, but I don't think so. Keeping in my mind that U.K. officers do NOT carry guns, it just doesn't seem right to me to send one officer back alone.


Overall, I think this story had potential, but the execution just didn't live up to it. For that reason, I did give it 3 stars, but I doubt that I will continue on with the sequel.


*I received a free e-copy from Andrew Lennon in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*