Red-Blooded American Male by Robert Trachtenberg

Red-Blooded American Male: Photographs - Robert Trachtenberg

Red-Blooded American Male: A Singular Take on Male Portraiture is a beautiful coffee table book full of humorous and sometimes super sexy photographs of (mostly) American men. Super. Sexy. American. Men.


There is a short and funny interview with the author/photographer/documentary film maker Robert Trachtenberg. Also, most of the photos include little tidbits about the circumstances surrounding the shoot.



That said, let's get back to the photographs. I submit, for your viewing pleasure:


Neil Patrick Harris:




I'm not sure who this man is, and I'm not sure I really care:




A lot of the photographs are funny and others rather touching: Two legends of Hollywood: Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner:  




 I guess I need to stop there or you would have no reason to buy this book. It's obvious that Mr. Trachtenberg has something about him that establishes a certain rapport with his subjects. Whether it's their confidence that they're in good hands and they trust the man, or if it's something else, I don't pretend to know.


I do know that even though I have an advance copy on my Kindle, I'm feeling a need to buy this one in hardcover. Just so that I can pick it up anytime I want and view the work of a true artist. Highly recommended!


Red-Blooded American Male goes on sale September 13, 2016, but you can pre-order it here: You Know You Want One


 *Thank you to Net Galley and Amphoto books for the free advance copy.*