Bumps in the Road, edited by Chad Lutzke

Bumps in the Road - Michael Arsenault, Kyle Vadlsky, Pam Farley, Vincent Treewell, Adam Vine, Bekki Pate, James H. Longmore, Chad Lutzke, Chad Lutzke, Kevin Folliard, The Authors of Black Bed Sheet Books, Suzie Lockhart, Shane Simmons, Glen Damien Campbell, John Boden, Kelly M. Hudson, John

Bumps in the Road is an anthology, edited by Chad Lutzke, containing stories that all have something to do with being on the road. The road can be a dark, creepy, and lonely place; some of these trips are nightmarish, indeed.


As with any collection, not all of the stories worked for me, but the ones that worked especially well are as follows:


The Last Seven Miles and Home by Shane Simmons. As ugly little scenario that felt realistic to me. 



Deprivation by Chad Lutke. This was a heartwarming tale of a trucker doing without. Doing without a lot of things. Like...teeth.


Lids by John Boden. I'm not sure, but I felt like this story was about saying goodbye. I liked it.


Loop by Bekki Pate. Just plain disturbing.


Blood is Thicker by John Rollins. I thought my mother was bad.


Night Patrol by Vincent Treewell. I had a clue where this story was going from nearly the beginning, but the journey was enjoyable anyway.


Overall, I enjoyed this collection more than I thought I would. With the exception of Chad Lutke and John Boden, I had not previously heard of any of these authors-that's kind of a shame. I think there's some real talent on the grow here, and I look forward to hearing more from a few of these writers soon.


Recommend to all fans of short fiction!


*A free PDF of Bumps in the Road was provided to me by John Boden in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*