Reading update: I've read 42% of Everything Under the Moon by Jeff Johnson and

Everything Under the Moon: A Novel - Jeff Johnson

...this book is a trip! Picture a somewhat stylish and dressy noir-type werewolf that likes to eat, (and COOK!) gourmet meals. (And not bloody werewolf-ey meals like sauteed eyeballs or anything, but REAL food.) 


Before he cooks you dinner though, you probably want to wash up because he can smell things that are days old on you. Also, he likes to do a lot of drugs to tamp down that whole werewolf thing. So that's kind of a drawback, I guess. 


Every once in a while, I like to request a book from Net Galley or Edelweiss based on the strength of the description alone. This time, I think my choice is knocking it right out of the ball park.  (Er, book park?) Whatever. I'm DIGGING this book.