The Box: Uncanny Stories by Richard Matheson, narrated by Grover Gardner

The Box: Uncanny Stories by Matheson, Richard (September 29, 2009) Audio CD - Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson is a legend in my eyes, (see what I did there, bibliophiles?) so when I saw this audio available from the library I immediately checked it out.


Any collection has hit or misses for me. Here, I'll focus on the hits:


Button, Button (I believe this is the story the movie The Box was based on.) If someone came to your door, handed you a box and said: "If you press this button, someone you do not know will die, but you will receive $50,000.", would you press the button?


Dying Room Only had a very cool Twilight Zone feel to it. Picture this: A man and a woman are taking a drive through the desert and stop in a little town diner for lunch. The man goes to the men's room and...disappears. Cue the TZ music!


A Flourish of Strumpets This one might be a tad outdated, but it had me laughing my butt off!


It seemed as if the stories in the beginning were more my speed. As I got deeper into the book, the stories began to resonate with me less and less. Still, even middle of the road Matheson stories are good.


Since I think Button, Button is a CLASSIC short story that everyone should read, I recommend this collection to fans of horror shorts.