The Factory by Mark West

The Factory - Mark West

The Factory was a nasty little stroll through, (you guessed it!), an abandoned factory.


Four old friends meet up for the funeral of the fifth member of their group. Back in their school days, all 5 would get together and go on urban exploring trips. Urban Exploring (Urbex, as this group calls it), is the inspection of abandoned buildings, preferably at night, since technically it's an illegal activity. As a tribute to their recently deceased mate, they decide to explore the factory that HE had always wanted to check out when he was alive. As you may have guessed, everything did not work out for the best. To find out exactly what happened, you'll have to read this book.


This novella was packed full of atmosphere. I mean, really, what better place for a haunting than an old abandoned factory? Especially one that was known to have employed children? Everything is covered with layers of dust and strange noises own the night. Our plucky explorers think they have a handle on everything because they have flashlights and radios. They could not have been more wrong.


The ending packed one heck of a punch. Usually stories of hauntings fall short for me at the denouement, but not this one. It did not flinch away from what needed to be done and faced it head on. Bravo!


Recommended for fans of haunting stories, both in the haunted house sense and in the sense that this story may stay with you for weeks to come.


*I received a free e-copy if this book in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*