Deadlands: The Devil's Six Gun

Deadlands: The Devil's Six Gun - Preview - David Gallaher, C. Sellner, Oscar Capristo, Steve Ellis

David Gallaher offered up a free PDF of this graphic novel along with a few copies of The Only Living Boy issues, for my review. I decided to check it out the other night and I thought it was super-cool. (All I can seem to find here at Booklikes is the cover of the free Preview, so that is the cover that is pictured.)


This comic is related in some way to a video game but I am not familiar with it and can't comment as to their relationship with each other.


I can say this was a western/horror type/steampunky/inventor/ hybrid situation which you can preview for free here: Deadlands: The Devil's Six Gun


I'm m so glad I checked Deadlands out! This series seems to be more my speed than The Only Living Boy comics, (though those are gorgeously illustrated, they are coming of age and I'm oriented more towards the dark side, {Muwhahahaha!}).


I enjoyed the storyline and the graphics and I already have a thing for dark or weird westerns, so I'm in! I'm looking forward to buying the next issue so I can see where this goes. Check out the free preview and see what you think!


*I received Deadlands: Devil's Six Gun free in exchange for my honest review. This is it!*