Wrathbone and Other Stories by Jason Parent

Wrathbone and Other Stories - Jason  Parent


Wrathbone is a story collection which rivals the best out there! Every single tale delivers, and that's such a rare thing, at least for me.


My favorite among the bunch, (and believe me, it was HARD to choose!), had to be:


Revenge Is A Dish A tasty little tale, (forgive the pun, you'll understand when you read it), about a master chef aboard a private yacht until... he's not. He's tossed overboard, with only one of those lame rings on which to float. Alone, he finds himself bobbing on the ocean like a cork, with no land or other boats in sight, and with unseen things brushing against him below. And then..., you'll have to read it and see.


As I said above, every single tale packed a real punch, but almost tied for first place was the story The Only Good Lawyer . Voodoo dolls and medicine men are a favorite horror trope of mine and this one is a doozy; it brings on ALL THE CREEPY. Plus, the lowlife lawyer, (this guy's really bad), gets his due in this one, so what's not to like?


For the Birds I thought in an earlier story one of the characters might have been named for the son of someone I know, but in this tale, I'm almost positive I know who the main character was named after. That said, I think it was hilarious what then happened to him and couldn't help but laugh at the man's truly horrible fate. Yep, that's the kind of gal I am. If this situation happens to you, you know what you can expect from me and it isn't help, it's laughter.


I'm happy and confident in saying that this will make my best reads of the year list. I think you should give it a chance to make it onto yours.


Highly recommended for fans of short fiction! You can purchase your copy here: 

Wrathbone and Other Stories


*I was given a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is it. In addition, I *know* this author, (online only), and consider him to be a friend. In no way did this affect the content of this review.*