Black January by Douglas Wynne

Black January: A Spectra Files Novel - Douglas Wynne


Since the Starry Wisdom Church tried to unleash the Old Gods in the city of Boston 2 years ago, things have been quiet for Becca. Unfortunately, a portal through which the Old Ones could come through is currently being tinkered with, and Becca, as well as a team from SPECTRA, (a mysterious government agency), are being called in to prevent said portal from being opened. This doorway is centered inside Wade House, wherein Becca's father has disappeared. Outside Wade House, black snow is falling.


(This book takes place in the same world as Red Equinox, by the same author. One does not have to have read RE to understand Black January, but it certainly would enhance the reader's understanding of the story.)


Wade House is an extraordinary property. Reminding me of House of Leaves and Hill House both, the angles are all off. A room that looks one way when you pass through it, may look entirely different when you pass through it on the way back. In fact, it may no longer even lead you back from whence you came at all. If Becca's father is lost there, how will they ever find him and more importantly, how can they seal these doorways so that nothing is ever allowed to enter our world? You'll have to read this book to find out.


The house and the Old Ones were my favorite parts of this book. I love stories about mysterious houses with dark pasts, mirrors that are gateways, and pianos that, when a certain tune is played, have lids that open onto hell itself. What horror fan wouldn't like that? As some of these portals and doorways do briefly open, the reader gets a glimpse not only of Lovecraft's Old Ones, but Wynne's Old Ones- in all of their "drive you to the brink of madness itself" glory. Wynne makes these Gods his own-they are memorable, evil and timeless.


Black January was a blast from start to finish. It's imaginative, creative, fast paced and overall just plain FUN! I highly recommend it for fans of Lovecraft and the Great Old Ones. I also think that fans of House of Leaves would get a kick out of this highly entertaining novel.


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*An eARC was provided to me by the author, in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*