Braineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski, narrated by Steve Rimpici

Braineater Jones - Stephen Kozeniewski


Zombie Noir. That's what I'm calling it, since there's nothing else that quite fits this original novel.


Braineater wakes up dead in a pool. With me so far? He's on a mission to find out who he was, why he's dead and a number of other things. (Seriously, he has a numbered list of questions to which he's trying to find answers.) To accomplish this, he needs to keep drinking alcohol, because that's what keeps Braineaters like him fresh. Will he get the answers he seeks? You'll have to read this, (or listen to it), to find out!


I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit while listening to this on audio. The creativity of both the story and the narrator are amazing. The characters-a dude in a jar, a dude that's just a head, (HILARIOUS!), mix and match prostitutes, (you'll see), are CRAZY fun and the voices that Steve Rimpici comes up with for them are absolutely perfect.


I highly recommend the audio book of Braineater Jones. It's funny, imaginative and entertaining. What more can you ask for from Zombie Noir?


*This audio was provided free of charge as part of a Sponsored Group Listen in the Horror Aficionados group at Goodreads. Even though it was free, this is my honest review.*